In 2002 Il Sangue, a band having its base in Detroit, comes to the fore, although the last work released under this moniker sees the Canadian Brian McManus – with a past in the very first line-up of the great Woods Of Ypres – at work along with the American Neil Lapierre. In any case, it is worth mentioning that the journey began with two demos followed by the split with Fall Of Empyrean and the ep Sleep, and then closed precisely in 2005 with the only full length released, Elegia 4: …in Still Desolation. The genre proposed is a mix of funeral, black and death doom from which it is clear that the ultimate concern is to sound clean and reassuring and, in this sense, it is peculiar the previous sharing of a split album with a band with strong melodic attitudes such as Fall Of Empyrean. Whispered voices in the background and essential guitar chords clash with disturbing passages, re-proposing an idea of existential labor that is not soothed except by the cessation of everything, by that blood that sooner or later will stop flowing through veins and arteries carrying only poison for the mind.

2004 – Parasitic Records 2015 – GS Productions