In 2009 the young duo called Odio Vestri made a fleeting appearance with an album entitled Mrak Pechali (Мрак печали). The approach of the duo formed by Nox and K’tharsia is geared toward a slightly derivative funeral, with dark ambient traits and neither trivial nor sloppy in execution, definable indeed as one of the best examples of such a combination listenable at the time. The fact that the work comes out for Solitude’s experimental offshoot, Art of Silence, is significant of a certain compositional consistency that is expressed along four long tracks that are in fact instrumental but far from tedious, thanks to a marked atmospheric sense. Mrak Pechali unwinds for over an hour insidiously slow and enveloping, rendered inoffensive only by distracted listening; in fact, the value of such a work makes one regret in no small measure the duo’s abrupt abandonment of these sounds and, therefore, of this project, to devote themselves with Regul to black metal.

2009 – Art Of Silence