2009 saw the emergence of Shine, My Boregarden, the solo project of Igor Darth K.I.A. Cacophonyx, a musician from Tyumen, a city in Western Siberia defined as one of the most livable in Russia; the funeral here appears heavily contaminated with ambient elements as well as some black metal heritage and an industrial component. The debut Sibirskiy Rodnik (Сибирский родник) (2009) is suggestive of an interesting talent that needs time for proper focus on the proposal, with an emblematic track such as the title track serving as an ideal opener. The release in the same year of the ep Monkey’s Fungi is the introductory passage to the subsequent full length Sunshine (2010 – Satanarsa Records), which also includes in its fifty minutes the two tracks from the ep. The work retains some of the flaws of its predecessor, such as, for example, the somewhat plasticized feeling returned by the sonic rendering of the various instruments, mostly the result of the work of a synthesizer, but fortunately the variety and some good melodic insights scattered throughout the work are not diminished.

2010 – Satanarsa Record