From Helsinki come Night Must Fall, which started out as a quartet devoted to funeral doom; at the time of their debut in 2003, with the self-titled demo, the band consisted of Juuso Heikkilä (guitars), Pekka Johansson (bass), J. Hanhela (vocals), all veterans of the brief adventure with the death band General Winter, and Dan Vaaranen (keyboards). The two long tracks are quite in line with the sounds of other bands that emerged at that time and earlier, so rather basic but with the use of the keyboard making it much more melancholic and atmospheric. In the following demo Funeral Of Mankind, recorded live in the studio and therefore with a less limpid rendering, with the lineup reduced to a trio due to Johansson’s exit, the sound begins to show more dissonant and experimental traits somehow preparing the ground for the ep that would arrive after three years. In fact, after the 2005 compilation that reunited the two demos, Dissonance Of Thought (2007) decisively shifted the bar toward sounds not dissimilar to Wormphlegm, if only for the use of the heartbreaking vocals typical of the Lahti band. It should also be mentioned that in that same year Heikkilä, who remained at the reins of the band accompanied by drummer Alexis Laakso, joined Totalselfhatred, one of Finland’s best depressive black acts, and it does not seem so strange that certain nuances of the genre, such as precisely the particular use of vocals, were assimilated compositionally. This evolution of the sound convinces only partially since the similarities with Wormphlegm lead to an inevitable comparison that is obviously to the detriment of Night Must Fall, whose level of intensity and even talent in the interpretation of the genre appears inferior.

2007 – Rusty Crowbar Records