After that of Nortt, the next tangible expression of Danish funeral is that of Morkheim, whose short parable is an interesting example of interpretation of the genre with folk overtones, the result of the conceptual inspiration exerted by Norse mythology towards Trua (or Hød, as the case may be). The Århus musician, after debuting with the 2005 split album in the company of blacksters Hrapp, releases a valuable full length entitled Danske hymner til mørket; the goodness of the work lies substantially in its linearity bordering on simplicity, which does not diminish the ability of the sound to envelop the listener by taking him into an imagery typical of black metal, those forests evoked since the cover but this time described with melancholic notes that in the finale flow into the sorrowful acoustic folk of Maanesang. The inclination toward more extreme sounds of ours will lead him shortly thereafter to change the moniker of his project to Blóðtrú devoting himself to black metal tout court.

2007 – NOTHingness REcords