In the late 00s, Anlipnes also made an appearance: founded by Vitaliy Petrenko (guitar), Aziz Deniz Babaoglu (vocals and bass) and Berrin Yahyaoglu (keyboards and guitar), the Istanbul-based group came to prominence by participating in a split album with Sadael and then releasing the full length Inanis Caelum. The work is appreciable, albeit largely derivative, in that the atmospheres and melodies are in line with the expectations of those approaching the genre, but the whole thing then tends to crack due to some not-so-clear guitar work and then collapse abruptly when the female vocals come in, beautiful in timbre but out of tune as one rarely hears. This contrivance has the shortcoming of irreparably ruining the best moments by emphasizing the sense of incompleteness of the work.

2010 – Gris Records