Some bands, more than others, have attracted criticism as if they were the only ones deserving to receive certain screeches. One of these was the Finns Ablaze In Hatred, authors in the ’00s of two excellent albums such as Deceptive Awareness (2006) and The Quietude Plains (2009); it sometimes happens that someone finds himself the victim of a kind of reverse racism, whereby in the doom sphere a Finnish band, if it does not make a leading role in the reinvention of the wheel, is branded aprioristically as a clone of one of that nation’s historical bands of choice and condemned to eternal oblivion. Now, it is clear that of all the talents of the Turku-based band founded by Juhani Sanna (guitar) and Miko Ikonen (guitar, vocals), originality is not really the main one, but to flunk such well-structured works just for that has always seemed excessive to me. If we consider that someone even drew from the deck, among other reasons, a moniker not appropriate to the musical style, one can guess that such doggedness does not stem from entirely objective assumptions, all the more so when reading even of daring juxtapositions to My Dying Bride, something that, for those who write superficially about doom, is comparable to what happens when one meets acquaintances with a young child and, not knowing what to say, launches into daring similarities with one or the other parent, only to find out later that the little one has been adopted. That said, the content of these two albums is as pleasant as ever, an adjective that perhaps does not fit too well with the canonical meaning of extreme doom, which in fact here takes on a pronounced melodic guise placing Ablaze In Hatred in a sort of middle ground between Shape Of Despair and the genie of compatriots devoted to melodic death doom, Swallow The Sun in primis. Although the band is not officially disbanded, the two long-distance works have not been followed up; a pity, because it would not mind at all to hear more good songs of the value of Ongoing Fall, Closure Of Life, The Wandering Paths or Therefore I Suffer.

2009 – Firedoom Music