Decidedly remarkable was what was done by Abyssmal Sorrow, authors of an ep and a full length considered by most critics and fans to be two shining examples of the best funeral doom. In fact, the self-titled ep, released in 2007, made many of the tireless seekers of hidden gems in the most disparate recesses of the planet raise their antennae: the interpretation of the genre appeared simple in the most positive sense of the term, through the renunciation of sonic lucubrations in order to get directly to the target, which is the listener’s heart; in the three tracks, however, a black metal component shone through, both from the instrumental structure and the use of vocals and more. The appetizer represented by the ep is punctually followed by the main course in the form of the full length: Lament takes the work of the Oceanic band to an even higher level, by virtue of just under an hour of atmospheres so depressive and miserable that they almost seem to be endowed with solid form. The sound, while not as impactful and violent, annihilates any attempt to react, and the subtle melody that spreads throughout the entire work perfectly renders the ideal wandering through man’s evil of living in all its forms. The closing, entrusted to a magnificent track like Austere Lament pt.II, seals the album, unfortunately also representing the last collection of notes launched into the ether under this moniker.

2008 – Deaden Productions 2021 – GS Productions