Ilya Ogurtsov (under the stage name Dead, admittedly not exactly the height of originality) from Ekaterinburg is still very young when he takes his first steps with this musical creation of his, devoting himself first to a more instinctive black death to move more and more to doom shores with the first full length Reankharnation (2006) and then landing more decisively to a very melodic and atmospheric form of funeral with the following Neverending Sorrow (2007). An avowed admirer of Shape Of Despair, the Russian boy with his first releases does nothing to conceal his influences, but it is all done by exhibiting a marked talent for composing melancholic but airy songs with considerable emotional impact. The following Under Ruins (2008) follows a similar canvas, with the added value of progressive improvements both on the instrumental side and on the sonic side (which it must be said, not even in the early days ever appeared deficient or amateurish as is too often the case with those who tend to do everything themselves) bringing the name Ankhagram to the attention of those who love not only the inescapable Finnish band but also Ea. Also surfacing in Where Are You Now are ample symphonic openings (K.O.D. and Kids, a cover of MGMT, an American psychedelic synth pop group) that end up transporting the sound to almost cinematic and far from gloomy shores, however quite far from an idea of classic death doom.

2010 – Silent Time Noise