In the U.S. scene a prominent place is undoubtedly occupied by Asunder from Oakland, despite a rather short artistic parabola and the legacy of only two full lengths. Dino Sommese, vocalist and drummer of deathsters Dystopia, and Geoff Evans, guitarist of Skaven, devoted to a kind of death with black crust overtones, joined forces first by forming Lachrymose, a creature with a rather ephemeral life, and later Asunder, with the intention of proposing sounds close to doom. Thus it was that, after several alternations, ours released in 1999 the first demo under the name Asunder, with the line-up completed by bassist Britt Hallett and second guitarist Seth Baker. The two tracks, The Fall Of Elders and Tides Of Ruin, are already two effective demonstrations of rocky but nontrivial death doom, so much so that they later converge on the split album with Like Flies On Flesh, released in 2000. After a lull, Asunder decided to add an unaccustomed instrument to the band’s sound by hiring cellist Alex Bale-Glickman, and later, following Baker’s exit, ours took on board John Gossard, a guitarist of black metal extraction; with this lineup the band recorded in 2004 its first full length A Clarion Call under the supervision of Billy Anderson. The album proves to be a remarkable test of strength and gives about 40 minutes (not including the concluding noisy ghost track) of death doom with great impact and equal originality, to which the use of the string instrument undoubtedly contributes.

2004 – Life Is Abuse / Nuclear War Now! Productions