Golgotha by Germany’s Barabbas is one of the most underrated and misunderstood works in history, at least in the doom sphere; the Kurz family (Maximilian, Johannes and Simon) released in early 2007 this album that probably did not take as much root as it should have a bit because of the totally amateur nature of the operation but also because of the minimal and entirely instrumental approach of the work. The sound is driven by Johannes’ guitar, which disburses diluted melodic lines alternating with dry riffing, all accompanied by Maximilian’s bradycardic drum beats and Simon’s timid keyboard textures; indeed, long bangs of the concluding Lost can also appear unnerving, but when, at last, the guitar unleashes melodies of infinite sadness punctuated by the piano, the album becomes poignant despite its almost disconcerting simplicity; this is even better evidenced in the title track, in which Barabbas sounds every bit like Ea without singing parts and with a reduced contribution of keyboards. With these characteristics and the typical premise of a work on familiar terms, Golgotha‘s fate will be to remain an isolated production that, those who wish, can go and retrieve on the Kurz brothers’ always active bandcamp.

2007 – Kaiphas