If China has not given much in the way of metal, it is not that things have been any different in Hong Kong, although its past Western vocation should have provided different fruit, but in the doom sphere the remarkable Hyponic have equally emerged. The band’s beginnings date back to the last century but their first full length was released in 2001 under the title Black Sun. The trio consisting of founder Roy Chan (vocals, guitars, drums), Mei Fun (bass) and Kin (guitars) at the time disengages with a rather harsh death doom and the transition to funeral occurs with the release of The Noise of Time: here the sound takes a well delineated form, rather original and optimal in both execution and production, coming across as dark but not overly claustrophobic with more than one melodic passage. Hyponic signal themselves to the world with a mature yet fresh effort, far from being as obvious or derivative as one might have expected from someone who comes from a geographical area completely on the fringes of the scene.

2005 – AreaDeath Productions