Several tracks had already been composed before Max Varnier’s dramatic departure, and two of them found a place in 2002 in a split with Stabat Mater, in a later one with Mournful Congregation, and, three years later, in a shared effort with Loss. The track included in the latter work, Devived, flows into Dooom, Worship‘s first full length, which still for much of the tracklist makes use of the posthumous contribution of Max, whose vocal parts were recorded before he left for the fatal Canadian trip. The work of reassembling and completing the album with new tracks has been lengthy but the results live up to expectations, well represented from the very first two magnificent tracks that show those who had not yet met them what Worship represent, namely the Pillars of Hercules of funeral doom, the classic point beyond which pushing themselves appears to be something unimaginable, embracing the lesson of Thergothon – by the way, their version of the song Evoken on the aforementioned tribute album to the fathers of funeral is a real gem – and taking the slowing down of their sounds to extremes.

2007 – Endzeit Elegies