In 2005 Dušan Bĕlohlávek, a musician from Regensburg, released a demo containing some tracks from his funeral project Odpörovät 1968 (later known as O.68) whose moniker referred to the Prague Spring. The tracks on offer were still an embryo of what would be offered first on the split album with Amelotatist and, most importantly, on the ep The Omnipresence of Death and the full length Elend. Indeed, the 2009 ep showed sounds not unlike the early Paradise Lost, while with the 2011 full-length work the pitch seems to have slowed down again and leaned toward the funeral component. The work has the merit of not being monothematic, and the rhythmic variations follow each other with good results, denoting a certain dexterity in handling the material on Dušan’s part, even if the shortcomings highlighted on the production side invalidate in the long run most of the good insights shown. The two longer tracks placed at the extremes of the tracklist are eloquent examples of the fair potential possessed by this musician.

2011 – Ominous Silence