Asunder – Works Will Come Undone

After yet another lineup change, with Salvador Raya taking Hallett’s place on bass, the release of a new track, White Sepulchre, as part of the split album with Graves At Sea (2005), adds nothing but confirms what Asunder offered with their first full length A Clarion Call. But the true and accomplished landing place in funeral comes with Works Will Come Undone, an album again produced by Anderson and consisting of only two tracks, with the first, Rite Of Finality, lasting 50 minutes and the second, A Famine, only half as long. It must be said, to be fair, that the first track in its second half turns into an interminable ambient dilution, so when all is said and done the two tracks end up being of roughly equal effective length, although of the two it is A Famine that allows Asunder to leave a deep mark on the evolution of funeral. Compared to its predecessor, Works Will Come Undone proves much less easily decrypted and, in fact, does not win the same unanimous acclaim because it is too slow and pachydermic for those who negatively regard a sonic turn in the funeral direction, as well as the eventual path in the opposite direction as an evolution. In fact, the work possesses all the elements that characterized A Clarion Call (including the cello, this time played by former Amber Asylum Jackie Perez Gratz), only placed in a partially less varied but at the same time more compact context.

2006 – Profound Lore Records