Despite being enclosed among nations with a good metal tradition, Belarus has not expressed much in this regard. However, the long wave of the growth of doom in the former USSR countries has spread over this country as well, but in the end we find the best names precisely in the funeral section. The first example to surface among the Belarusian mists was that proposed by such Temnarod with his project Pogost. The first full length released, 2005’s Vechno Spyashchim…, showed a harsh approach, oscillating between ambient and funeral with a black background with a qualitative imbalance in favor of the first component, which was certainly valid, since the parts where the sound became heavier appeared rather janky. In this sense, the subsequent Slugi Pepla shows appreciable progress, with a greater cohesion between the two souls and a better rendering of both guitars and vocal parts, which brings the Minsk musician’s work in the wake of Nortt without too much disfigurement, given due proportion.

2009 – Satanarsa Records