The first to approach funeral on Romanian soil were Aabsynthum, originally from Barlad, a city not far from the Moldavian border; Groza Gabriel and Lovin Catalin moved in the middle of the first decade of the century under the name Adrasteia and a sketchy idea of black metal with experimental traits, before evolving into a reality devoted to a canonical funeral but capable of taking cues from both the Finnish and Russian scenes. The union between the two lasts only for the space of the debut album Non Forms… Regressus Ad Originem, a still acerbic work that nevertheless turns out to be the first example of a funeral produced on Romanian soil, having been released in early 2009 and thus predating the debut of both Descend Into Despair and the emigrant Daniel Neagoe’s Eye Of Solitude. Of quite a different depth turns out to be the next and last chronologically Inanimus, with which Gabriel takes over the reins of the project altogether, offering a fine example of sounds traceable mainly to the Russian movement, with Comatose Vigil and Abstract Spirit as the main references.

2011 – Marche Funebre Productions