The history of Walk Through Fire is intertwined with that of Abandon, if it is true that the founders of the former include Johan Carlzon, vocalist and symbol of the latter’s tormented artistic parabola, as well as Ufuk Demir, designated as Carlzon’s replacement after his passing, a role in fact exercised in Abandon’s only live appearance following the release of The Dead End. On the other hand, the late vocalist never took part in any Walk Through Fire work, having left shortly before the recording of the self-titled first full length, thus released in an instrumental version with Demir joined by drummer David Flood and getting good responses thanks to a rather varied proposal, oscillating between ambient, post metal and sludge. With Andreas Olsson (bass), Fredrik Flegar (guitar), new drummer Jonny Vigart, and Ufuk’s move to vocals joining the line-up, the band recorded their second full length Furthest From Heaven in 2011, which marked a decisive shift to hard-hitting funeral sludge; Demir’s ragged vocals best restored that sense of malaise that Abandon had masterfully evoked a few years earlier, completing a work magnificent in intensity, with the last masterpiece track The Dead Sun dripping with inconsolable despair.

2011- Aesthetic Death