A fleeting yet interesting appearance in the Russian funeral scene was that of Lunar Portals of the Astral Mirror, a solo project of Roman, a musician from Bryansk. Right from their 2010 debut ep, Nezyblemaya Vlast Toski, a well-defined style in the atmospheric sense becomes apparent, one that does not necessarily draw sap from the main Moscow bands and instead also feeds on an aftertaste traceable to Mournful Congregation, offering a mostly reflective and deep sound, net of a few black rants, that winds its way through three tracks sufficiently different from each other to justify the work’s abundant half-hour duration. The first full length Pod Shopot I Peniye Prirody Nochnoy, released the following year, confirms and reinforces the good impressions derived from the ep, with Roman continuing to propose a well-balanced funeral idea in which a soft desolation had the better of the sense of oppression typical of more extreme and suffocating proposals. Lunar Portals of the Astral Mirror‘s journey comes to a close in 2012 with a split album, the last stage of an astral journey with a short but valuable parable.

2011 – Satanarsa Records