I must admit that in the past bands such as Deathspell Omega or Blut Aus Nord themselves, while not at all disliked by me, never managed to break through in my preferences, perhaps because that particular mixture of black and industrial was somewhat indigestible to me. But with this 777 – The Desanctification, Blut Aus Nord make me widely recant precisely because, while maintaining the emotional aspects of black, they almost completely detach themselves from it compositionally to land on industrial sounds enriched by a very personal imprint that ranges between hypnotic moments and others with ritual nuances, to arrive at the claustrophobic atmospheres placed at the close of the record. The result is something that transcends the very concept of musical genre by succeeding in the stated intent of Vindsval (singer, guitarist and composer) that is, “to dehumanize our music so as not to influence what we hope will be an occult and mystical journey for the listener.” To this end, the French band limits vocal inserts as much as possible, often leaving them in the background or filtering them, always putting their destabilizing sounds in the foreground, which at first impact repel you and then attract and engulf you in an inescapable way. This album constitutes the second act of the trilogy that began with 777 : Sect(s) (and which will find its epilogue with the release, probably in late 2012, of 777 : Cosmosophy) that marks a progressive departure from black metal in its more traditional sense; each of these works consists of tracks entitled Epitome distinguished by progressive numbering. In The Desanctification each epitome is a genuine work of art, starting with the opening VII and VIII with their dissonances, embellished by sudden melodic openings to be considered as oases in the middle of an endless desert expanse, while IX is a brief interlude with unexpected oriental reflections. Epitome X mercilessly resumes with its incessant deconstructive work and is followed by an XI that takes on a vaguely psychedelic trend, with influences traceable to Killing Joke, but these are only residual glimmers of the humanity that is mercilessly swept away. Epitome XII is an extraordinary sonic experience, with a melody that repeats itself until it brings the listener into a pleasant trance state from which he is abruptly reawakened as the song comes to a halt, only to be thrown back into the abysses of madness with the concluding XIII. We do not know if at the end of listening the cathartic effect is guaranteed, certainly Blut Aus Nord with this record offer us a precious gift, that of witnessing a work that is a few light years ahead of almost all releases in the extreme sphere. 777 – The Desanctification is a masterpiece that, if listened to at the time of its release, would have competed with The Book Of Kings by Mournful Congregation for the top of my best of 2011 list; the assimilation of such musical content is not exactly smooth, but those who possess a sufficient amount of open-mindedness should not preclude themselves from the opportunity to discover the unique sensations given by this sonic jewel out of the box and out of time.

2011 – Debemur Morti Productions / Eitrin Editions