From Denver, Colorado, Abysmal Dimensions deserve a mention, authors in 2011 of a demo composed of a single track of almost half an hour, but nevertheless able to create for themselves a minimal cult aura. This is not unrelated to the fact that the band is led by Paul Riedl, a musician who is very active in that scene and therefore able to gain a certain amount of credit, so much so that despite the laughable production Abysmal Dimensions will be called in 2019 to participate in a major festival such as KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST VII in Copenhagen. Of the Welkin & the Dismal Abyss, that’s the name of the track, is a typical example of U.S. funeral doom, old school, dry, monolithic and with sounds diluted as much as possible: in short, not inescapable but damn fascinating.

2011 – Independent