Mournful Congregation – The Book Of Kings

Active since 1993, the Australians Mournful Congregation belong to the small circle of the legitimate heirs of Thergothon; although the band has been on the scene for almost two decades now, The Book Of Kings is only the fourth full length in a discography still full of different releases, in the form of compilations or splits, all marked by a high compositional quality. The opening track, The Catechism Of Depression, already appears from its title as a declaration of intent towards the listener, who is sucked into a vortex of leaden atmospheres that are occasionally torn apart by exciting melodic openings. The next track, The Waterless Streams, is on the same excellent level as the previous one, but it is with The Bitter Veils Of Solemnity that one of the emotional peaks is reached, thanks to its twelve minutes of acoustic arpeggios. Three quarters of an hour of music of this kind would be more than enough for anyone, but the Australians prove not to suffer from any compositional crisis, closing the album with the thirty-three minutes of the title track, a song that, despite its slow pace, never gets boring thanks to the frequent changes of atmosphere and the clever inserts of lead guitar. With The Book Of Kings, Mournful Congregation confirm themselves among the most important realities of the funeral doom scene, showing off one of the best works of the year together with those of Colosseum, Esoteric and Comatose Vigil.

2011 – Weird Truth Productions / 20 Buck Spin / Osmose Productions 2012 – Ostra Records 2018 – Parasitic Records / Funere