Aamunkajo (morning glow) is the moniker of the one-man band of young computer engineering student Joonas Salompää who, under the nickname Funereal, produces three full lengths among which the second of these, Avaruuden Tyhjyydessä (2011), a rather effective example of the musical transposition of the tormented state of mind of the guy from Espoo, should be noted. The appropriate use of keyboards and a diverse vocal range lends a good emotional charge to a sound that is mostly minimal and perfectible in terms of production, elevating the album to a level far above both the acerbic debut Unen Päättyessä (2008) and the discrete but somewhat stylistically scattershot Kaiku. of 2012. As has happened to many other rearguard protagonists in the genre, Salompää encapsulates in the span of a few rather close releases their musical experience in the field, seemingly concluded with their last release.

2012 – Silent Time Noise