Aldebaran‘s funeral is crushing and horrifying, in deference to the Lovecratfian lyrical inspiration: in Dwellers In Twilight (2012) a much cleaner production than in similar releases allows us to appreciate the dry and reiterated guitar sounds of Mick Brown (also on vocals) and the drum work of Tim Call. To the evidence of the second full length the band arrives after a series of split albums, compilations and ep’s and a completely renewed lineup, in which among the founding members remains only Call who, thus, calls to assist him other characters quite well known in the scene, including the two guitarists Kody Keyworth (Wolves In The Throne Room) and Todd Janeczek (Shrine Of The Serpent). And Embracing the Lightless Depths proves to be a different matter altogether, not so much in value as in approach; the sounds become more dilated, consistently increasing the funeral component over the sludge component and reaching, at times, a slowness worthy of Worship, with the typical sound that hangs in suspense waiting for the next drum hit and riff that seem destined never to come. Aldebaran create a work beyond which it seems objectively difficult to push themselves, as the level of crushing and oppression expressed by these musicians is likely to prove excessive even for listeners accustomed to the genre; this does not detract an ounce of value from this magnificent and frightening work that may remain as the band’s last unreleased testimony.

2012 – Profound Lore Records / End Theory Records