SaturninE are five Italian girls who, instead of pursuing improbable dreams of fame and wealth in the musical field by putting their dignity on the line in the melancholy of talent-shows, have decided, fortunately, to vent their creativity by forming a sludge doom band; I say fortunately, also because what comes out of it is a truly amazing work for pathos and intensity, all considering moreover that we are dealing with a self-production. The sound produced is an explosive blend of dark and doom metal and, while obviously drawing on the great names of the past, it consistently shows an enviable freshness while succeeding in the feat of not appearing overly derivative. The guitars erect a rocky wall of sound without disdaining effective solo passages, the rhythmic support is punctual, while Laura’s voice is the classic female growl, more abrasive than deep, perhaps perfectible (as is the case with the entire instrumental rendition) with the help of better production, but effective in every step.
In the half-hour of music offered, the songs often live of the alternation between slowed down parts and violent accelerations, an aspect that never lets the emotional tension fail within a work in which a track like Orgy Of Blood stands out overbearingly, giving seven abundant minutes of dark emotions; also noteworthy is the homage to Bathory with the successful cover of Call From The Grave. SaturninE have decided to explore the dark side of the musical universe and have done so with the right attitude combined with a certain amount of talent; we can only wish them well in finding a forward-looking label willing to bet on a band with such potential.

2012 – Independent