Mutatiis, born Marc Fumberger, a musician from Adelaide, with Elysian Blaze wrote some of the most important pages of extreme metal, later erecting a musical monument to human suffering such as Blood Geometry. Started in 2003 with the stigmata of the typical depressive black project, well exhibited especially in the second demo Beneath Silent Faces (2004), Mutatiis gradually pushes into those caverns where despair joins disillusionment and disenchantment, drawing the premises for a final psychic and emotional collapse, first with Cold Walls and Apparitions (2005) and then with Levitating The Carnal (2006) two full lengths that bring to the attention of admirers of such sounds the name of Elysian Blaze, often juxtaposed, apropos and otherwise, with the better-known Xasthur. A long gestation leads Marc to record in 2012 a work almost as exaggerated and anachronistic for its size as Blood Geometry, with its more than two uninterrupted hours of weeping and gnashing of teeth of evangelical memory; this is a unique work of its kind, a true tour de force to which it is necessary to surrender without remission in order to fully enjoy its dreamlike potential and the constant alternation of dark and suffocating moods, with a slowed-down beat, and accelerations that are nevertheless never spasmodic, all within a low-fi production to the ideal extent to allow the trembling melodic lines to penetrate irreparably into the listener’s already tried psyche.

2012 – Osmose Productions