Abske Fides – Abske Fides

Abske Fides, after a series of interesting ep’s and an already quite long history behind them, arrive at their long-distance debut with this self-titled album under the aegis of the always active Solitude.┬áThe work in question represents a further evolution of the Brazilian combo, which, from the black metal of the early days, has moved successively to a form of cavernous funeral doom to arrive today at a particular combination of doom and post metal. The operation succeeds even if not 100 percent: in fact, if the musical proposal is really good in its alternation between dark parts, with convincing riffs and aggressive vocals, and more rarefied moments with psychedelic veins, some small performance imperfections and clean vocals not always up to the mark partly spoil the final performance. But, in spite of this, the Paulist band proves to have first-rate numbers, especially in intense and emotional tracks like Won’t You Come and 4.48, or as in The Coldness of Progress, where unexpected Opethian influences emerge. The album needs several listens before it is optimally assimilated, but this effort is repaid by a compositional quality nonetheless worthy of attention. It is possible that Abske Fides, after the aforementioned stylistic swerves, are still searching for a stability that would allow them to focus on a well-defined musical path; in any case, this full length is well beyond sufficiency and could find several admirers among fans of less conventional sounds.

2012 – Solitude Productions