Venetian Blood Red Water make their debut with a stoner sludge that is well suited, for its muddy, slithering atmospheres, to their nature as lagoon creatures. The hallmark of this ep is pure instinctiveness that erases any potential residue of technical refinement and instrumental complacency; here they go straight to the listener’s stomach, without any mediation or uncertainty whatsoever. If Ungod opens the work with atmospheres as slowed down and viscous as the most tenacious of cobwebs, the subsequent and shorter Considerations / Commiserations and above all, Avoid The Relapse, appear more oriented toward a form of hard rock, albeit still cadenced and raw just the right amount. Modern Slave Blues and The Perfect Mix return to stoner doom rhythms but the slowing down of the sound does not coincide, fortunately, with a lessening of the intensity of the songs; on the contrary, the depth of the riffs and Michele’s rough vocals keep the attention well engaged until the last note. Tales Of Addiction And Despair is a succulent appetizer of what Blood Red Water will be able to offer us in the future; the attitude and skills are there and appear entirely adequate to the success of the project.

2012 – Independent