Doomed – The Ancient Path

Doomed is the solo project of German musician Pierre Laube, who is also active as guitarist and keyboardist in P.HA.I.L. As the (admittedly not too original) choice of moniker implies, the music contained in this work is devoted to a dark and uncompromising death doom; compared to other releases in the genre The Ancient Path has a more guitar-driven character. while the keyboard mainly assumes an accompanying role. The opener Sun Eater exemplifies Pierre’s intent to predominantly strike the listener with the impact of gritty riffs rather than melancholic atmospheres; clearly while the effect is remarkable as a whole, it is also true that this stylistic choice, in the long run, may prove counterproductive. To remedy this possible drawback, the German musician alternates between tracks in which the death component prevails and others with a slightly more atmospheric mood and slowdowns bordering on funeral, as is the case, for example, in She’s Calling Me and partially in Caesar’s Whore. It is clear that Pierre’s best gift lies in the no-frills linearity of his proposal, combined with a willingness to shy away from easy melodic solutions; in this way, the record remains at a medium-high level throughout its duration, with the pearl, as it should be, placed in the closing. My Love Is Dead, in fact, smooths out certain edginess present in the previous episodes, finally letting the emotional tension accumulated up to that moment flow: what emerges is a song that blends pathos and sonic impact to perfection. In drawing the sums, one can only unconditionally appreciate this work, which showcases the confident talent of the musician from Zwickau. A project like Doomed deserves to be supported by a label, and as there are many scattered throughout Europe that have already shown courage and foresight, this is a welcome opportunity to qualitatively enrich their roster.

2012 – Independent 2013 – Deathcult Productions