A few months after their excellent debut full length, we find Dead Summer Society again grappling with this ep that comes out on the Canadian label Rain Without End. For the occasion Mist recovers and reworks some of the tracks present in instrumental form in the 2010 demo The Heart Of Autumnsphere, enriching them with the voice of Trismegisto (Cult Of Vampyrism), already a guest in the recent work: the result is a little gem of gothic doom that only confirms what has already been recently expressed in the review about the goodness of the work of the musician from Molise. Clearly, the operation cannot deviate from the overall picture provided by the previous releases, so we are faced with compositions in which, often, the delicate arpeggios of Mist are counterbalanced by an abrasive scream or a deep clean voice, all functional to the creation of intense and exciting atmospheres. The Heart Of Autumnsphere and the title track are emblematic tracks in this sense and, despite their nature as metal tracks, they actually turn out to be two precious sonic frescoes that one never tires of listening to; slightly different is Army Of Winter (which on this occasion is the subject of a third reworking, since the song was also part of Visions From A Thousand Lives) for its rhythmic progression that recalls, at least initially, the unreachable Katatonia of Brave Murder Day. Endless is a short instrumental, with initial electronic impulses, placed at the close of a short work but one that hints at the enormous potential of Dead Summer Society; we therefore confidently await the next long-distance effort.

2012 – Independent