Fuoco Fatuo is a great name for a band, especially when it suits the chosen musical style: the image of flames rising from swampy ground fits perfectly with the muddy sound of the Varese trio; but also the sense of precariousness that this moniker symbolizes, in the end, is one of the main themes of doom metal, with its eternal representation of pain and the transience of existence. The three tracks contained in this short ep are an effective example of the potential of this recently formed band: in 33 Colpi Di Schizofrenia Astrale Nell’Abisso Nero (even the title is not bad) several influences come together, from black metal, which is evident in certain accelerations and in the use of voices, to dark and heavy esoteric style typical of the Italian school (Malombra, Death SS), up to sludge, heavy and lumpy as it should be. L’Abisso takes us (and it couldn’t be any other way) into the darkest whirlpools of the psyche with its buzzing guitars and sudden slowdowns before giving way to a disturbing Hammond at the end. Vuoto Nero is a track that, while being the ideal continuation, is much more oppressive than the song that precedes it, characterized as it’s by a bare and almost primordial doom, the journey is devastating and hallucinatory and closes with the title track that remains on coordinates devoted to a total darkness, sporadically torn by effective keyboard parts to temporarily break the encirclement produced by rough and threatening sounds. These twenty minutes are not stuff for refined palates, rather they appear suitable for those who prefer the impact and the depth of sounds than their form; it’s just a pity that the growl and the scream of Milo don’t always make the lyrics written in Italian sufficiently understandable. All in all, this Ep proves to be an exhaustive taste of what Fuoco Fatuo will be able to offer in the future, especially if, as we hope, they will receive the attention of some specialized label.

2012 – Independent