In 2012, a pair of Roman musicians – with the peculiar nicknames such as Friedrich Restless Soul and Dying Poet of Funeral Litanies – decided to put into music their inclination towards darker art forms and from this impulse was born Languish in Oblivion, the first and only album released by Trails Of Sorrow. This is one of those classic works of which, on first listen, one mostly notices the imperfections but, on the other hand, giving the record more than one chance, one cannot help but appreciate the genuine passion for these sounds and, in general, for a decadent imagery that flows from the duo’s work. If it is a funeral, Trails Of Sorrow‘s is nonetheless steeped in gothic moods that pushes it to lap up even its deteriorating aspects in more than one instance, such as certain interpretive vocal swooning allowed at most to a Stainthorpe, thanks to his status, and a few others.

2012 – Domestic Genocide Records