Interesting debut ep for Forgotten Thought, a homegrown reality devoted to a dark depressive black with funeral overtones. The band is, in fact, a duo composed by Rodolfo and Nephastal: these two young musicians, brilliantly escaped the musical lobotomy to which the last generations in our country have been subjected, have decided to embrace a genre that to define niche is perhaps even generous, and this only increases my appreciation towards them. Grey Aura turns out to be a fruit that is perhaps still a bit unripe but equally enjoyable; the two Roman guys avoid screwing themselves into overly complex passages by keeping a rhythm that is always rather moderate, thus managing to enhance both the piano and the guitar, which take turns in imparting to the tracks that sorrowful and melancholic mood that the genre requires. The instrumental track, self-titled, proves emblematic in this regard, bringing to the plate truly effective melodies with a considerable emotional impact, but it must be said that all the tracks are no less impressive in this respect. Counterbalancing these positive aspects are some flaws that time will undoubtedly help to file down, if not eliminate altogether: albeit with all justification, if the production in particular has the defect of drowning, making the scream even more unintelligible, in some instrumental passages the execution still appears a bit scholastic. But, keeping well in mind that in dsbm, the aspect that matters most is the ability on the part of the musicians to transport the listener to the sharing of their emotions, albeit imbued with negativity, it must be admitted that this goal is certainly achieved by Forgotten Thought. The road taken is the right one, the margins for growth are considerable, we confidently await them on their first long-distance test.

2012 – Independent 2013 – Rigorism Production