Wither from Melbourne are a duo with limited production but some depth, gradually moving from funeral sounds to a sui generis, dark, slow-tempo black metal in the vein of Brave Murder Day-era Katatonia. Of course, as far as funeral is concerned, the release of most interest is the 2007 split album that saw the Doom/Abysmal duo share work with none other than Worship. The featured track, Ethereal Slumber, did not disfigure at all in the presence of the masters of Germanic funeral, but already starting with the self-titled ep of the following year the black component became preponderant, pushing the sounds toward a kind of depressive indeed of remarkable expressive intensity. After a break of four years Wither released their first full length Necropolis, a very good work in which also dark gothic traces made their way in, which however did not completely erase the doom legacies, always present in the form of suffocating slowdowns, useful for the development of the sound but not enough to still accredit the band within the funeral family.

2012 – Aurora Australis Records