Y’ha-Nthlei – Vol 1: The Night Opens on the Brink of the Abyss

Always drawing inspiration from that endless container of execrable lyrical cues that is the Lovectraftian imagery, in 2012 Y’ha-Nthlei made their debut with the full length Vol 1: The Night Opens on the Brink of the Abyss; it is a duo from Pavia, formed by Omrachk (Marco Toscani, vocals, guitar and programming) and SadoMaster (guitar and bass), dedicated to a funeral in line with the darker and more essential side of the genre. The album, beyond a less-than-excellent sonic rendition, manages to fairly faithfully render the sense of bewilderment and terror provoked by the Pantheon conceived by H.P.L.’s fervid imagination; the sound unfolds linearly and without too many frills, relying basically on slow riffing supported by an ungainly but effective growl.

2012 – Satanarsa Records