A rather strange proposal, not so much from a purely musical point of view as in a particular way, this one by the Russians Decay Of Reality. A project such as this one, involving rather well-known names from the Moscow doom scene such as E.S., better known as vocals and guitar of Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Hater and Stellarghost of Abstract Spirit, obviously cannot deviate more than a little from the gloomy setting that the genre imposes; the peculiarity mentioned at the beginning therefore resides in the re-proposition of the two tracks on the tracklist, Seplophobia and Urge To Get Away, in two different versions named by the band respectively depressive death and funeral core. All in all, the songs heard in the dual version end up not differing all that much, were it not for an additional obvious slowdown in their funeral guise, which in any case between the two is preferred, both for the personal tastes of yours truly and because the catacomb-like growl of E.S. better suits the leaden and dilated atmospheres that leave no room for atmospheric moments, suffocating any slightest glimmer of light; an appropriate context for lyrics centered on mental disorders, phobias and in general everything that concerns the psychic sphere of human beings. I imagine that this ep constitutes a kind of test case for Decay Of Reality and so too for Shapeless Visions, which enters the market with this product. The judgment, necessarily provisional, though positive, pending the release of an actual album, is also substantially influenced by the trust I place in the doom scene of the former Soviet Union, which is animated by people who have a sincere and boundless passion for this musical genre. 

2012 – Shapeless Visions Records