Indesinence also belongs to the ranks of doom bands returning to the scenes after a long silence, and, as happened at other junctures, this happens with a work that amply repays expectations. Six years after Noctambulism, the English band puts a genuine eleven-pack on the plate, performing death doom in which the impact of the pachydermic sonorities clearly prevails over the rare hints of melodic style. Vessels Of Light And Decay, after the brief Flux intro, begins to exhibit the monstrous likeness of the Indesinence creature with Paradigms, the first in a series of long, majestic tracks: granitic riffs come down like a mallet on the listener’s eardrums, now with the exasperating slowness of the most canonical doom now with the typical accelerations of death; in this start of the album, spontaneous juxtapositions with the seminal Cathedral of Forest Of Equilibrium arise in the slower passages, and there is no doubt that this is the perfect launching pad for a work that will have no moments of slacking throughout its duration. Vanished emerges with the fearsome likeness of Morbid Angel era Blessed Are The Sick / Covenant, for its “morbid” and enveloping sound and a growl worthy of the best Vincent by Ilia Rodriguez, while Communion further accelerates the pace, marking itself as the most violent episode of the record. Madrugada Eterna artfully breaks the tension with its ambient sounds, setting the stage for the derailing Fade where Indesinence tirelessly grind their dense and destructive riffs like a lava flow for almost a quarter of an hour. Unveiled closes this splendid test of compactness and musical competence by showing a more reflective face of the London quartet, thanks to its frequent openings to dissonant acoustic sounds: the song often ends up lapping at post-metal territories, giving way in its concluding part to a rousing crescendo that is the ideal send-off for yet another unmissable album birthed by the death doom scene in this prolific 2012.

2012 – Profound Lore Records