Ennui is a funeral doom project of recent genesis coming from Tbilisi; David Unsaved and Serj Shengelia, a few months after the beginning of their collaboration, have released this Mze Ukunisa, which turns out to be a surprising product for the compositional level achieved by ours. It is not infrequent, after all, to come across debuts with approximate traits, both from the compositional and the executive point of view, but this is fortunately not the case here: the work of the two Georgian musicians proves to be up to the mark at every juncture, even in its development from the duration well over an hour, being able to avail itself, moreover, of a completely adequate production. Ennui‘s funeral is predominantly atmospheric, although the keyboard essentially performs a skillful linking task, leaving the guitar to sketch the melancholic melodies that characterize each track on the record. The six long tracks possess a rather linear progression, with an early phase often with darker tones that slowly lead to the wide and apt melodic openings placed in the final part. Thus Dead Desires, Maybe The Time Will Come and Frozen Candle prove to be excellent examples of funereal songwriting, although the peak is reached by the duo in the splendid The Way Of My Life’s End, with its mournful guitar notes mottled by David’s cavernous growl. A debut then, which, besides being highly recommended to those most devoted to this kind of sound, is also yet another sign of vitality from the emerging doom scene of the former Soviet Union.

2012 – MFL Records