In 2013 this anonymous project called Egzekwie (Execution) made an impromptu appearance in Lublin, releasing the full length Czarna Noc Duszy (Black Night of the Soul). The operation appears to be anything but blown up and improvised, however; in fact, the feeling of being in the presence of rather experienced musicians can be felt from the very first track, in which a dark and heavy sound as per the script is accompanied by a devastating lyrical content expressed entirely in the native language, entirely focused on existential failure and alcohol as the only medicine capable of soothing the pain of living. All these aspects end up giving life to an emotional and poisonous combination, insinuating in its minimalism capable of vibrating the less noble parts of consciousness with notes produced by instruments with tuning lowered to the extreme. Great record, to be discovered by leaving aside its nature as the occasional fruit of who knows what incestuous encounter.

2013 – Under the Sign of Garazel Productions 2014 – Third Eye Temple