Asofy – Percezione

Born at the beginning of the century as Tryfar’s solo project, Milan’s Asofy return to release an album after their debut one dated now 2001 , interspersed with an ep in 2007 and a more recent split with Sleeping Village. The novelty with respect to the aforementioned works is that the vocal and lyrical part, strictly in the Italian language, has been entrusted in toto to Empio, leaving Tryfar to deal exclusively with his musical path that goes to lap, from time to time, the shores of the genres most cloaked in darkness, such as black, doom, depressive, post-metal and dark ambient. And, in fact, the marriage between the sonic scaffolding desired by the Lombard multi-instrumentalist and the vocals of his companion appears to be a winning one, as the abundant three quarters of an hour of music contained in Perception is as difficult to assimilate as it is fulfilling the moment one manages to penetrate through the thick armor of incommunicability created by the effete exposition of the lyrics, thanks to the frequent glimpses left open by the instrumental component. Call it avant-garde black or whatever you like, but what is most interesting is to see how Asofy‘s work is basically a work that manifests great personality and clarity of purpose and in which Tryfar succeeds in the not easy task of imprinting in the minds of listeners four long tracks with different peculiarities but united by a dark, sometimes desperate mood; at other times the whole thing is instead imbued with a deep nihilism, always able however to make a breach in the hearts and minds of those who let themselves be carried away by the music without setting themselves any preconceived limits. Undoubtedly, Empio’s choice to resort mostly to a screamed voice, which is not even definable as a classic scream of black matrix, may be a disturbing element for those who are less accustomed to extreme sounds but, in fact, it represents, like the instrumental part, a fundamental piece for the development of the album precisely because, with Perception, Asofy do not want to take us for a walk through flowery heaths but rather to mercilessly throw us into the innermost abysses of human existence. Another excellent listening opportunity for those who prefer dark tones streaked with dim flashes of light.

2013 – Avantgarde Music / Metalhit