A self-produced demo by an obscure Australian band about which virtually nothing is known and no contacts are possessed: is it worth spending a few lines to talk about it? The answer is yes, especially if contained within it is an engaging funeral doom, albeit hampered on its way by several flaws, starting with a sloppy recording, which causes the classic “voice coming out of a manhole” effect, and ending with a use of violin that can be perfected at more than one juncture. Still, the dark fascination emanating from these notes suggests that Estrangement (actually a one man band led by one JS) possesses great potential that, with a few more means at their disposal, could provide considerable satisfaction to the small circle of fans of the genre in the future. Clearly influenced by Ea, Skepticism and Worship, the music of the Oceanic band unfolds achingly in the two long tracks, Disentanglement and Infinitesimal Spark (Interlude is, indeed, a brief as well as superfluous interlude), amidst suffocating slowdowns, sudden keyboard openings, violin punctuations and, above all, beautiful guitar melodies. Apart from the sudden outburst present in the last track, the cruising speed is characterized by the usual exasperating slowness, exactly what pleases our sick minds. Maybe it will be a flash in the pan and will never be heard from again, but I liked the idea of pointing out this demo, considering that Beneath Belong certainly stands on a whole other level than many other unlikely attempts at (self-styled) funeral doom. 

2013 – Aurora Australis Records