The six tracks that make up this self-titled album unfold under the banner of a death doom in constant search of melancholic passages in which the main instrument is not the guitar or even the keyboard, but the sax. A brave choice that, at several junctures, proves to be apt, giving Nekkar‘s sound that peculiarity otherwise difficult to find in most releases of a similar mold. Clearly it is not so easy to get used to an instrument that in death doom, to my recollection, has never been used in these ways, especially since in such a context the sax does not have a function of mere support but holds, if anything, that of leading the melodies of the songs in the moments of greatest pathos. Something to fix is obviously still there, starting with a recording that does not always optimally tie the wind instrument with the stringed ones, never forgetting, however, that here we are dealing with a self-production. Solemn Mind and Uncomfortable Silence, where no less than Sakis of Rotting Christ appears as an illustrious guest, are the best episodes of an album that, despite some imperfections, leaves more than one positive feeling. Appointment, then, for the next full length to verify the actual consistency and any corrections made to their sound by the promising Nekkar.

2013 – Independent