Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, the Jordanian doom scene appears all in all quite active, dominated by such notable bands as Bilocate and Falling Leaves and all the various projects involving the talented Ammar Jaber (also known by the names Azmo Lozmodial and Lord Azmo) such as the magnificent Chalice Of Doom first, and more recently Now Everything Fades and The Dead Sea. Performing a backward search, Calvaire should also be mentioned, however ephemeral and short-lived their sales have been, corresponding to the 2013 ep Forbidden Legislation alone. Not surprisingly, here again we find the good Lord Azmo, this time engaged on vocals and keyboards with this group made up of Jordanian and Turkish musicians; the eleven minutes or so of the offered track, in its own way ethereal, delicate and with a sure emotional impact, so far proves to be one of the many unfinished tasks in the face of a seemingly very well set path.

2013 – Depressive Illusions Records