Temple Of Void come from Detroit and provide a first taste of their abilities with this interesting demo of only three tracks. The genre proposed by the band from the “Motor City” is a death doom with rather heavy tones, such as to sufficiently unbalance the sound on the first of the two components: in the twenty minutes of music offered on this occasion they present, however, three tracks that show different nuances between them. Beyond The Ultimate basically exhibits a convincing death with rather slowed rhythms, built on heavy riffs accompanied by a corrosive growl by Mike (the only one in the band who, as far as we are aware, possesses a resume of some note, lending his work as a live guitarist for the better known Acid Witch). Exanimate Gaze is the track that best fits the definition of death doom given to Temple Of Void‘s music, containing the most evocative passages and is undoubtedly my favorite of the three tracks. Another track to be given due consideration, and one that could point the way forward for the quintet, is the concluding and lengthy Bargain Death, in which, while holding firmly to the coordinates exhibited earlier, enveloping psychedelic impulses take over particularly in the final part. Excellent test, then, for Temple Of Void, which, thanks to this demo have managed to attract the attention of several labels including (it is news of recent days) Rain Without End and Saw Her Ghost with which they have signed a contract that provides for the publication of a full length (respectively in CD and vinyl format) in early 2014.

2014 – Rain Without End Records