Demonic Death Judge hail from Finland and their proposal is centered on a sludge doom with compelling traits and, above all, endowed with a remarkable groove. The quartet was born in 2009 from a rib of the industrial deathsters Total Devastation, which all in all gives an idea of the versatility of ours, grappling with genres that are objectively quite distant from each other. Skygods is the second full length, which follows shortly after the praiseworthy debut The Descent, and we mention it only now despite the fact that it was actually released in the last months of last year. On this album, contrary to what the quartet’s musical heritage might suggest, sludge takes on all-too-accessible guises, obviously relativizing it, showing a fresh and appealing approach to the subject matter. It is hard not to get caught up in tracks such as the title track, the blues-hinted Salomontaari that follows, the lysergic Knee High, the Sabbathian Aqua Hiatus or the splendid and dark Pilgrimage, placed at the close of the work. An astonishing test for the quality and clarity of the ideas poured into this fifty minutes that fly by in an amen, thanks precisely to the Finns’ ability to compose songs endowed with depth, while not proving excessively hostile at first listen. Skygods is a disc highly recommended to all those who appreciate this kind of sound, they certainly will not be disappointed.

2013 – Inverse Records / Doognad Records