This ep is a masterpiece in intensity, variety, it is an esoteric epiphany. Produced by the skilful hand of Billy Anderson, already longa manus for Sleep and Eyehategod, Blindness Of The Sun is an album that will appeal greatly to those who had already appreciated Tvmvltvm. Here again, Varego play nicely with the medium of the concept album, as Blindness Of The Sun is the esoteric continuation of the previous concept album. It starts with Hesperian, a massive track in which Varego switch from one genre to another with ease, even ending with powerful death metal breaks; one can safely say that Hesperian is one of the best tracks ever composed by the Ligurian boys: ‘hesperian’ is the west, the line from which the Sun rises, the feminine place of conception. Linked to the previous track by an outro/intro comes Secrets Untold, where the epic tone of this ep continues, with the guitar describing a doom-style riff, but much faster, confirming that Gero and Alberto’s guitar style is unmistakable. On drums there is the usual great work of Simone Lepore, who together with Marco Damonte on bass always makes sparks. In the third minute of this track there is a break that makes the piece very airy, only to return to the usual hardness shortly after. A hint of revelation, of a secret revealed, lingers in the air. In the third track, Varego benefit from the special collaboration of saxophonist Giovanni Sansone, formerly with Casino Royale and La Crus, who adds a very special flavour to the song. With the addition of this free jazz saxophonist, Varego give us a glimpse of the possibility that their career will blossom into experimentation, which is to be hoped for, as the guys have all the necessary prerequisites. Truly a great piece, a true flight of the self. For the fourth and final track, here comes the priestess Jarboe: for those who don’t know her, suffice it to say that she was the founder of Swans, and that a whole music scene, from Neurosis to A Perfect Circle, has had her as an extraordinary collaborator. Listening to Of Drowning Stars will give you a better understanding of the concept. This song is like a summa of everything that Varego have created so far. They already have in their ranks the great voice of Davide Marcenaro, but with Jarboe they reach for the stars. The sound carpet is in pure Varego style, while the American lady’s singing is both heavenly and terrible at the same time, as submerged stars might be. We are therefore faced with one of the best records ever released in Italy in a musical-esoteric sphere that has nothing commercial about it, but is rather an initiatory journey for those who wish to undertake it. Four pieces that have within them an infinite number of worlds and openings to other dimensions. Also noteworthy, to close an already perfect circle, is the magnificent cover artwork by Marco Castagnetto, another man who knows about opening up worlds and dimensions. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 19/7/2013)

2013 – Argonauta Records