The first U.S. funeral outfit to pop up at the beginning of the millennium were Nyarlathotep, whose conceptual references are already well discernible from the moniker; the demo released 2001, Slub Lorth in Eternal Rest, shows a rather effective sound devoted to Evoken, including the use of some sparse but appropriate guitar soloing. The band is led by, among others, Michael McKenzie (guitars, vocals), accompanied in the early stages by other musicians, but after some time the name changes to Stomach Earth, which is the pseudonym used by McKenzie, becoming in fact his own solo project. The debut under the new moniker takes place with the demo Absorbed, which is more veered toward leaner sounds and on the whole not as evolved compared to what was done a few years earlier, as might have been expected. After a long silence, amply justified by the Massachusetts musician’s intense activity in those years, Stomach Earth returned in 2013 with the self-titled full length; a squared-off death doom, with heavy industrial veins, comes down like a cleaver on the listener proving to be an up to the mark offering, although it is nothing epochal. A worthwhile work that remained the last sign of life for Stomach Earth.

2013 – Black Market Activities