The Nihilistic Front – Process To Annihilation

The fact that the latest works of HellLight and The Nihilistic Front, listened to a few days apart, can both be cataloged under the heading doom, makes us understand how wide can be the sound spectrum of a genre that many, superficially, consider only “a kind of heavy metal played at 16 rpm“. In fact, if the Brazilian band embodies the consolatory side of the genre, where the melancholic melodies tend to represent the end of everything as something painful but acceptable, precisely because of its inevitability, the Australian duo slams in our face without any mercy the slow, inexorable disintegration of a humanity whose struggling resembles more the mortal spasm of an insect just stepped on than a heroic breath of survival. Chris and Gaz, at their fourth full length, but first produced under the auspices of a label, the British Aesthetic Death, continue, with a programmatic title like Process Of Annihilation, their tetragonous work of psychic demolition that lasts since the beginning dated 2006. No concession melodic, no light at the end of a tunnel that, indeed, probably collapsed trapping permanently those inside it was looking for the exit with difficulty. The two musicians from Melbourne make their own and rework the lesson of the seminal fellow-citizens Disembowelment, further exaggerating it, if possible, and leaving us a legacy at the end of this journey of atonement, a world in ruins like the one depicted on the cover. Another unmissable monolith of incommunicability, perfect for those who have managed to maintain a glimmer of lucidity after listening to the last album of Station Dysthymia.

2013 – Aesthetic Death