Slowrun – Prologue

Finland’s Slowrun make their debut under the aegis of the almost eponymous Slow Burn label (sub label of Solitude) with this intriguing work entitled Prologue. The duo consisting of Mika and Niklas offers instrumental post-rock, thus going into a rather beaten-down stylistic segment in recent times, in which the chances of standing out are exponentially reduced. Our people exhibit a rather ambient-oriented version of the genre, which makes listening to the record objectively very relaxing but, conversely, rather stingy with particularly memorable moments. An exception, in this sense, showing what could be the way forward for the Finnish duo, is Ripples And Time alone, truly inspired and full of dreamy atmospheres capable of suddenly raising the attention level of the listener. Overall the work is well executed, Mika and Niklas show excellent instrumental and compositional skills, even if sometimes their sound tends to be a bit too minimal; but Prologue, right from its title, stands as a first taste of the potential, largely yet to be expressed, possessed by Slowrun.

2013 – Slow Burn