Negative Voice – Infinite Dissonance

In my periodic virtual tour of the mode in search of hidden gems and presumably destined to remain so, this time the band brought to light comes from Russia and its name is Negative Voice. The news found on the net is not that many, and the only reliable source, the usual Encyclopaedia Metallum, lets us know that ours have been active for more than a decade and that, after the canonical series of demos given to the presses, Infinite Dissonance is their first full length, strictly self-produced. Although they are presented as a band devoted to melodic black metal, in reality the musical genre proposed by Negative Voice is a robust death doom with melancholic traits that, on the level of similarities, could be likened to Daylight Dies. Why should it be worth devoting fifty minutes to listening to a misrecognized band? Well, the answer is simple: Infinite Dissonance possesses several truly valuable moments that hint at the Russian band’s enormous potential. Two tracks out of all: Euphoria From Being Depressed and the concluding Rejection, which possess guitar passages with a high emotional rate, not so easily found elsewhere; the rest, however, is at a good level, without neglecting bets on different shores, as in the more eclectic Idealistic, but in general the dark and melancholic feeling that is the defining characteristic of a fully successful death doom record is never lost. Negative Voice, take note of this name for the future, without forgetting, however, a present already worthy of the utmost attention.

2013 – Independent